Flush door handle plate
EN 179

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(only available as a complete door unit)

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Stainless steel matt brushed
installation depth 23 mm, Dornmass 80 mm,
distance 78 mm, Stulp 24 mm INOX

Product Description

Flush door push plate Purros Push 147/147 incl. locking system. Emergency exit side for pushing. The Purros push plate is inserted flush to the door surface at a mounting depth of 23mm. The surface is made from brushed, matt chrome-plated steel.

Locking system:
Medium weight mortice lock with upward locking mechanism
Backset 80 mm, distance 78 mm, forend 24 mm INOX, split nut 9 mm
Can only be installed with a door panel tested in accordance with VKF standards (association of cantonal fire safety).

Locking mechanism at the top and to the side

Locking methods:
Round cylinders, profile cylinders, no cylinders

The room can be exited at any time by using the Purros push plate (on the inside). 
It is possible to block the external handle using a locking cylinder. Use of the latch and spring lock is blocked.

Opposite side:
The Keiros flush recessed handle requires a minimum door thickness of 70 mm
Standard handle requires a minimum door thickness of 50 mm

Application areas:
Gymnasiums, multipurpose buildings, retirement homes, nursing homes, hospitals, dementia wards

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